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One of Britain's best loved and most highly regarded brands, Clarks have been taking care of the nation's feet for almost 200 years and are still based in Street, Somerset where it all began. Clarks are synonymous with high quality, comfortable footwear and affordable prices and the company has certainly stayed true to those values. Clarks also have a history of innovation and in recent years have focussed on producing current, stylish designs to partner the comfortable fit and exceptional quality of their footwear.

The Clarks story started when a young James Clark was an apprentice at a tannery which produced sheepskin rugs. He saw the potential to make slippers from the off cuts and had the footwear made by local workers in their own homes. The slippers were something of an instant hit and Clarks with James and his brother Cyrus at the helm began to expand. They went on to win two awards at the Great Exhibition of 1851 but whilst design and production was their strength, finance was not, and by 1863 when a recession took hold they had run into trouble.

The company was saved by a loan and the visionary leadership of James' son William who took the helm at the behest of the financiers. William invested in the latest technology – Singer sewing machines – and developed footwear designed to the shape of the foot, a move which was to be the basis of Clark's fine reputation moving forward and in the modern era.

The fashion landscape changed dramatically in the 20th century as skirt hems were progressively raised and women's ankles were soon on display. Clarks responded to the new demand for stylish footwear to show off those feet and ankles and also began to produce children's shoes with several width fittings positioning Clarks as the go to brand for kids' shoes.

In the aftermath of World War II possibly Clark's most iconic style, the Desert Boot, was launched. The boot was designed by Nathan Clark, great grandson of founder James, after his travels serving as an officer in the Royal Army Corps. Whilst in Burma and India he had seen soldiers wearing ankle height suede boots manufactured in Egypt and evolved a similar style. Little attention was paid to the boots until they appeared in Esquire magazine when they really took off and became celebrity favourites and wardrobe staples for many.

At Peter John Footwear we are proud to bring you a comprehensive range of Clarks shoes and sandals for both men and women including those iconic Dessert Boots! Our collection features styles for all occasions with many wide fitting designs, all featuring the legendary Clarks comfort and quality. Those long standing values are partnered by great styling in a diverse range which offers something for everyone and will really take care of your feet.

Clarks are still principally a family owned business and by staying true to their values whilst responding to the demands of the changing world they have maintained their position at the top of the tree. Please do keep visiting us here at Peter John to see the latest styles from Clarks and many other leading brands.

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